Katikkiro rallies men against HIV/AIDS

Katikkiro rallies men in the battle against HIV/AIDS. The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has featured the significance of men in the battle against HIV/AIDS in the nation.

Katikkiro said that in African settings, men battle to have a high ground in settling on key choices in the network.

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However, he made the comments while respecting the UNAIDS correspondence guide, Natalie Regard, to Bulange Mengo on Friday.

Katikkiro rallies with the Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) is an association that leads and motivates the world to accomplish its common vision of Zero HIV/AIDS.

Katikkiro rallies men in the battle against HIV/AIDS
Katikkiro rallies men in the battle against HIV/AIDS

“Behind the shut entryway, it is again essentially in the hands of men. Therefore, to an enormous degree, it is significant the media individuals. This in such a case that you spread around this issue you will never get the ideal outcomes,” he said.

He asked men to take the mantle and lead the battle of HIV/AIDS. For instance, in their networks, so their families can live in sound conditions thus advancing monetary flourishing.

“In the genuine African settings where obviously live. Therefore, the men assume responsibility for what happens away from plain view more often than not. So it must be men’s duty that ladies they drew in with are solid. however, they are the moms of the country and they should be sound, “he said.

Katikkiro focused on that if the moms and the kids are not beneficial even the country won’t be sound thus men themselves won’t be solid.

“The Kabaka is viewed as intrigued by the welfare of his kin and Ugandans all in all as a realm. In addition, we have a dream of an attainable vision of taking the individuals of Buganda. To the summit of monetary and social prosperity when they are completely making the most of their opportunities,” he said.

Natlie Regard, the UNAIDS correspondence counselor. Said the progression taken by of Buganda however, is extraordinary to move in the battle against AIDS on the mainland.

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She said social pioneers can accomplish more in the battle. Against this executioner ailment as one method for improving the prosperity of their kin.

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