KACITA: single traditions will destroy organizations

KACITA says single traditions mandate will destroy organizations. The director of Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA )Everest Kayondo has charged the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) of “double-crossing” after the assessment authority gave a notice such that all imports will currently be handled under the Single traditions Territory.

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However, in a notice marked by Dickson Katesheumbwa. The magistrate Customs office, the duty body stated: “all shippers that taking effect right now, all installments for home utilization. Therefore, the announcements to single traditions will be legitimate for just 72 hours. From the date of appraisal instead of 21 days thought about installment, enlistment takes note.”

In other words, the mandate implies that merchants presently have 72 hours rather than 21 days to make assertions.

KACITA says single traditions mandate will destroy organizations.
KACITA says single traditions will destroy organizations.
They will likewise pay their traditions obligations at the main port of passage into East Africa.

URA said the move will fit the nation’s Customs rules with those of the East African Community. Therefore, guided by the EAC Customs Management Act 2004 and the EAC Customs the board guidelines 2010.

Yet, dealers said it would make their life harder for instance. Hence KACITA says single traditions mandate will destroy organizations.

Kayondo expressed: “This structure requires a huge amount of money. Therefore, it is a lot of unsteadiness for items. Consolidators, offloading individuals, uncommonly sustained stockrooms and authorities will all be kicked bankrupt. They have as of late made a business crisis,” he said.
However, he said they are going to walk calmly to the service of Trade base camp one week from now to fight the move.

Tom Byarugaba, a traditions specialist said URA didn’t counsel partners about the move for instance.

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“URA ought to counsel merchants before giving such takes note. This notice is going to hold all dealers in Uganda prisoner,” he said.

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