Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone tells Bebe Cool to style up

Joseph Mayanja alias Dr. Jose chameleone has advised Bebe Cool to stop acting like a kid. He told him to start reasoning like a mature person instead of acting like a kid. Jose says this after Bebe Cool bragged off in front of media for appreciating his two managers with brand new cars.

First things first, who is Joseph Mayanja or Jose Chameleone?

Jose Chameleone is a Ugandan Afro Beat artist from the Mayanja family. He is a very famous musician of his generation in the Ugandan music Industry with a sizeable fan base in different African Countries. Meanwhile, Joseph Mayanja sings in Luganda, English, and Swahili.

Joseph Mayanja

However, Dr. Jose Chameleone has won a couple of music awards on the African Continent. Mayanja is married to one wife Daniella and gifted with children for example, Abba Marcus Mayanja, Alba Shyne Mayanja, Amma Christian Mayanja, and Alfa Joseph Mayanja. Mayanja owns a label Leone Island which has signed quite a number of musicians both within Uganda and the whole of East Africa. For more information about Dr. Jose Chameleone, follow this link

What is your take on Bebe Cool’s act of giving cars to his managers?

“Bebe Cool is doing things that we already did when we were still very young. I gave cars to so many people but I did not come in front of the camera to show off. You don’t need to brag after helping or giving something to someone. I, for example, gave a car to my brother the late Ak 47, May his soul rest in eternal peace. In addition, you don’t inspire others when you are not appreciating what others have done,” Joseph Mayanja said.

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“Let’s be honest, Bebe Cool is older than me but I have done better things that build people than that beggar. It’s not a big achievement when you receive money from the statehouse and share it with the taxpayers in the Country. This is because taxpayers are eligible for the services provided by the government. Therefore that is not news when he gives back to the community through service delivery because it’s their right to receive these services.

Joseph Mayanja

“Frankly when you check the message in most of my songs, it’s encouraging and inspires the people of Uganda. However, when you listen to wire wire and Baliwa, you notice a very big difference between a joker and a real musician. In addition, we artists are there to portray different messages through the music that we release to the public. Meanwhile, through music we end up impacting people’s lives either positively or negatively”: Joseph Mayanja said.

Jose, Bebe Cool says he is going to marry Zuena next year! What is your take on that?

Well, I don’t think its news if you hear a 94 year marrying an 80-year-Old. What I mean in this is that I married my wife Daniella when I was 27 years old. Therefore I even feel pity for my brother but anyway, let him do what he wants because he is going through our footsteps. In addition to that question, I built a house before Bebe Cool who is son to the former Minister Bidandi Ssali. This shows you how small Bebe Cool’s brain because you can’t have such a rich background and act like you came from an Illiterate family.

Joseph Mayanja added: We are here today, tomorrow we are not here because this world will still stay whether we are here or not. Therefore we need to act maturely with a sense of reasoning because we have our loved ones watching, our children are watching us. In addition, at the end of the day, the people will judge us by our actions. I, therefore, want to advise my brother to mature and do things that reflect his age. Otherwise he is growing backward because now it’s hard to differentiate between Fresh Kid and Moses Ssali.

How is Joseph Mayanja ready to battle with Big Size Bebe Cool?

Well, thank you for this great question, first things first, I will first advise my brother to stage up a challenge or music battle with my brother King Saha. This is because his content in his songs doesn’t even qualify to be played on radio stations. What a big shame to the so-called music idle in the Ugandan music industry when he is releasing songs like wire wire… This is unacceptable in the music industry. According to me, if he really wants a battle with me, let him first battle his rival King Saha first. After King Saha, I have other musicians in Leone Island, for example, Papa Cid whom I have groomed. These chaps too are ready to challenge that “wire wire” man. In conclusion, don’t compare my music to Bebe Cool’s music because it’s nowhere next to my music.








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