John Wilson Nattubu Tsekooko dies

The judge who ruled annual Museveni’s election victories in 2001,2006 dies. Retired Supreme court justice, John Wilson Nattubu Tsekooko passed on Monday evening, the Judiciary has announced.

According to a report from the judiciary, Tsekooko passed on at Norvik hospital in Kampala on Monday. Tsekooko ruled twice against President Yoweri Museveni in 2001 and 2006 presidential election petitions filed by Dr.Kizza Besigye.

However, Tsekooko added that he does not regret the decision to annual President Museveni’s victories twice.

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“ Those judges who just want to get money and benefits who can make decisions according to the time or fear. However, for me when I was a judge, I would make decisions regardless of the consequences,” he added.

Notwithstanding the rulings, Museveni reappointed Tsekooko to the supreme court until his retirement.

Tsekooko also represented Obote against Museveni in 1980 after Museveni sued the UPC presidential flag bearer for making defamatory statements against him while campaigning in Ankole. The case, however never took off because Obote became president thereafter and thus immune to a court suit.

John Wilson Nattubu Tsekooko
John Wilson Nattubu Tsekooko
Museveni always appointed Tsekooko back to the bench despite the fact that he was never good in Museveni’s books.

In a 2016 interview with cyclone Times, Tsekooko said the number of judges making it to the bench is rising. This undermines the integrity and independence of the judiciary. The judge who ruled annual Museveni’s election victories in 2001,2006 dies.

“Yes, that thing (cadre judges) is there. It seems to be increasing because occasionally you get some of the judgments and you can’t understand they are from judges who are supposed to be independent. There are rumors some judges consult some politicians when they have cases with political implications to help in the ruling. For instance, this was terrible and wrong,” Justice Tsekooko told Cyclone Times.

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For “judges of cadre” he referred to judges whose judgments indicate that they are more determined by their loyalty to the government than by the evidence presented before the courts during the trial.

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