Jinja taxi drivers cry foul over reduced passengers affecting business

By Leonard Nakhosi.

Jinja taxi drivers have cried over reduced passengers.Transport sectors are believed to be one of the sectors that reap a lot of money during the festive season. Since transport fare is hiked to different destinations across the country, this makes transport operators like drivers earn more.

Like they always say every day is not Christmas day, Tax drivers operating within Jinja Tax Park in Jinja Municipality are decrying over the reduced number of passengers. This is a thing they say has hardened their life since they are unable to meet the daily basic needs.

Buyinza Gerald, one of the taxi drivers said that he used to drive three times from Jinja to Iganga. This was during the festive season but it is not the case these days.

“From November to later December, I used to at least get 100000 shillings per day. But these days it is hard to even get a half of that money,” Buyinza explained.

“Sometimes I even fail to raise money that I am supposed to give to my boss. Since passengers are few,” he further narrated.

When asked on whether passengers are scared of the increased transport fee. James Isabirye one of the drivers in the very tax park said they have reduced the fee to the previous amount they were charging but all in vein.

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“We have reduced the charge from Iganga to Jinja during the festive season. For example form 7000 shillings to 2000 shillings,” Iabirye elucidated.

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