How to tell a cell phone is fake?

Fake cell phone makers copy all aspects of a marked telephone’s appearance to cause their items to seem authentic.

The telephone’s external shell and screen, the printed logos and marking, the bundling and the included frill would all be able to be duplicated, making it hard to recognize whether a telephone is phony or veritable.

At the point when conceivable, it is constantly desirable over purchase a telephone through an enrolled retailer or affiliate who can vouch for a telephone’s validness.

However, with the pervasiveness of web shopping and sale sites, this may not be a choice. Here are a couple of straightforward tips to enable you to recognize whether a telephone is real or phony:


It is imperative to do a little research before purchasing another telephone. You should just purchase a telephone made by a confided in the producer.

Before focusing on a buy you should know the telephone’s particular model number, accessible hues, highlights, what programming and equipment come included and what guarantee is offered with the item.

Data about a particular model of the telephone can be found on the maker’s site or through an enlisted retailer. When you have this data it will make the activity of recognizing a phony a lot simpler.


On first look, a fake telephone may seem indistinguishable from an authentic model. On closer correlation, you might have the option to recognize some conspicuous contrasts between a certified and a phony, for example, the shading, area of catches, size or spelling of the brand name.

A few fakes are more subtle. Forgers can copy configuration subtleties down to moment subtleties making it hard to discern whether a telephone is certified.

On the off chance that you can see the item in person, you might have the option to see a distinction in weight, screen size, area of catches and battery, nature of printing and paint finish, included or missing capacities, quality control stickers and visualizations and a general absence of value.


Fake telephones can have contrasting highlights to real models, for example, double SIM cards, simple TV and so forth.

Check the model number and specialized details of the real telephone you wish to purchase and guarantee they coordinate what is being advertised.

Fake telephones likewise frequently seem to offer highlights that are either only not there or that are not as they are said to be. For instance, worked in cameras may be said to be 8 megapixels when they are not – or offer GPS when they don’t.

Fake telephones may likewise contrast from a real in shading accessibility, memory limit, camera megapixels, screen quality and working framework.

It is critical to contrast specialized highlights with guarantee the telephone is authentic.


Bootleg market telephones are produced using unsatisfactory and modest parts and regularly keep running on second rate or pilfered working frameworks.

Forgers utilize modest more established age chipsets, which may offer similar usefulness as a certified model yet at far more slow preparing paces.

On the off chance that you have unconsciously bought a phony telephone, you will acknowledge rapidly once you turn it on.

Handling velocities are regularly much slower, working frameworks have missing highlights and the telephone may not be perfect with partnered programming and applications.


Fake cell phones will, in general, pour on to the market when an authentic model is out of stock or inaccessible.


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Frequently if producers and enlisted dealers state a model is out of stock or inaccessible, fakes start to show up for sale sites and through unregistered venders.

This is likewise normal when a telephone isn’t accessible in specific hues.

Be careful, forgers accept this open door to trick purchasers when the real item is most popular.


Each veritable cell phone has a sequential number to enlist it to a bearer organize. This number is known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

The IMEI number can be utilized to confirm the authenticity of a telephone. Regularly fake models won’t have an IMEI number or utilize a phony one.

In the event that you are seeing the telephone face to face, at that point, you can discover the IMEI number on the item bundling, under the telephone’s battery or by squeezing *#06# on the telephone.

On the off chance that you are not seeing the telephone face to face, at that point you ought to approach the retailer for the telephone’s IMEI number.

To check the authenticity of a telephone’s IMEI number and any data in regards to the nation of generation, producer and model sort, you can utilize this tool or website.

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