How to increase Facebook organic reach for free

In this article, we show you how to increase your Facebook organic reach for free. Read this article until the end in order for you to get all the steps clear. Many people think Facebook Organic reach is no more but that is not true. Organic reach on Facebook is real and we have used this technique in our business and it has worked very well to increase our sales.

Note that this is not a one-day thing. It will require your hard work and efforts in order to achieve your goal. It’s always very hard to figure out how to grow your audience on Facebook without using Facebook ads.

Follow the following steps in order to have a story to tell in your business because you will see results at the end of this article.

Create a Facebook page

The trend of growing your business is by creating a Facebook page where your clients can interact with you. There are so many tutorials on YouTube on how to create Facebook pages. However, here is the magic on how you can turn all your friends on your Facebook account to become your new followers without inviting them to like your page. See here Great, now that you have a page created let’s get to step 2.

Post relevant content that reflects your topic

In order not to divert your audience make sure what you post is in line with the interest of your topic. For example, don’t post sports news when you are an ICT firm, this will make you lose your audience. Now that our page is not blank, let’s get to step 3.

Join groups that are in line with your business idea

Let’s for example, assume our Facebook page is Cyclone Times, a news Company. In the Facebook search, we look for newsgroups, for example, Manchester United newsgroups, NBS TV newsgroups, NTV UGANDA news Groups, etc. because these will suit our type of business every time we share a piece of content right from our page.

Make sure the groups you also join have over 90K to 100K+ members. We have used this method and surprisingly most of the followers are from these groups that we joined earlier. This has driven massive traffic to our page and you will indeed see the results too.

Don’t post too much in a single day

Many people get it wrong by posting a lot on their pages. Well, this is good but it affects your organic reach. Let’s take a look at a situation where you make 5 posts in an hour…Oops! These posts won’t get a lot of engagement because Facebook will have to share engagement of each of the posts equally. To avoid this make one post after an interval of 3 to 4 hours.

Did you read this!
How to become successful in 4 easy steps

Don’t post at awkward hours

It is so disappointing if your posts don’t get comments, likes, shares or their reach is so low. Many of us don’t know when our audience is active. We post at awkward hours say at 5 a.m. when everyone is almost asleep. Such posts will never ever get any engagements and Facebook also doesn’t like that.

Don’t post so many outbound links on your page

Many of us are posting so many links on our Facebook pages in order to promote our websites. But this is wrong because no one wants to click on something and leave Facebook. In addition, Facebook also doesn’t like its users to leave to some other destinations.

Remember to invite people who have liked something on your page

Let’s take look at a post we published 4 days back and it got over 100 likes or reactions. We go back and review this post by clicking on the likes to be able to see who liked this post. A popup window will be displayed to see who already liked the page or those who liked the post but have not yet liked the page. We can now manually invite these people to like our page by clicking invite.

More details to follow…………………

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