Gravity Omutujju and GNL Zamba in clashes

Gravity Omutujju has confirmed beef between him and GNL Zamba.
Gravity claims that rumors that arise that GNL is a legend in the hip hop industry are false. To him, he has a greater impact on the hip hop industry.

According to sources, the beef between the two rappers is more personal than musical.

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However, Gravity Omutujju claims that Gnl was responsible for rumors that were spread that Gravity was sleeping with Flavia Namulindwa. “This discredited my name” claimed Gravity

gravity omutujju
GNL Zamba

When interviewed, most fans claim that Gravity sings nonsense music. He cannot be at the same level as Zamba. GNL brought the hip hop industry to life whereas Gravity brought bubble music to the industry claims a fan.

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