Government to transport teachers to Japan to attain a one month training

The government will transport over one hundred teachers to Japan to attain one-month course for trainers on mind education. The training is believed to enable them counsel young people under their care on generational challenges. These changes come with the new era of information and communication.

Rev.Ock Soo Park is the founder of Good News Mission and International Youth fellowship. He paid a courtesy call on him at his residence at Inter-Continental Yokohama Grand Hotel in Japan.

The President is in Yokohama on a three-day official visit. To attend the TICAD 7 Conference hosted by the Japanese government.

The President admits that the training will help teachers to encourage the growing youth population. This will change their mindset. and focus on the realities of life and depend less on the negative information and lifestyles. These have led to depression and in some cases death.

Rev. Pastor Ock Soo Park said today’s youth don’t think on their own but rely more on the internet and social media. This, he said has led to increased crime activities such as suicides, drugs, gambling, among youth, etc.

“Our youth live without thinking, they engage in acts like drinking, doing drugs, gambling and becoming more daring and dying young.

By the age of 15-16, they are not scared of engaging in crime and they even kill people without fearing repercussions.

They clash with authority and many dies. They will just jump in anything. We need to mind education to be able to help them refocus on the realities of humanity,’ he said.

Pastor Park is widely acknowledged as a front-runner of church and religious reformation of the 21st century.

He is also serving as a youth educator and counselor. He works with young people all over the world through various programs. In so doing he gives them a new heart and mindset of having a positive life.

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