Girl in Kitende Leaked Video Identified? Find Full Details Here

Girl in Kitende Leaked Video Identified

After the video of a said-to-be Kitende Girl serving her honey pot to three cassavas going viral, social media in-laws have done their research and eventually have identified this hardcore girl.

The rumor of this young Kitende Girl started rolling out to the public yesterday evening, however, in the early morning hours, various video clips started going viral all over the internet.

According to the video circulating all over the internet, one guy is seen walloping the girl from behind, while another is seen drilling from the front…

“I know this girl. She got Aids first of all, my niggas done died young,” He said in a leaked WhatsApp conversation.

This is not the first time such wild acts are going viral therefore we call upon parents to watch out hard on their kids during this 42-day lockdown.

Critics to this video say that, her banana eating skill were so amateurish, and the boys had small bananas. The same critics have been left wishing they were the ones showing the game up. These  Kitende students were doing all this while recording a video that leaked finally.

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