Fijian Mother jailed for selling her daughter as a sex slave close to 1000 times

Mother jailed for selling her daughter as a sex slave close to 1000 times.

Kasmeer Lata, a Fijian woman was on Tuesday sentenced to six years and 11 months.

This came after she was found guilty of selling her teenage daughter to men for sexual services over two years.

Kasmeer’s trial in Auckland’s High Court try that the 36-year-old kept her daughter as a sex slave and she was engaged by men close to 1000 times within two years.

SBS Australia TV channel report that the abuse started on the victim’s 15th birthday and ended when she escaped in November 2016 and reported the crime to the authorities.

The mother is said to have moved to New Zealand with her children in 2014, and in a victim statement read out in court, the New Zealand Herald reports that the daughter asked what she did to deserve her mother.

I have to make up lies about four years of my life and why I live on my own without my parents’ support. “The teen said”.

The 18 – year –old went on and added that, “I see men differently now. I think they always want something from me and that is why they are talking to me.

“I always wanted my mum to be a normal person… I wonder what I did to deserve my mum? All I wanted was your love as a child and your girl.”

The Fijian mother was charged for for dealing in commercial sexual activities and slavery from her teen daughter for earning purposes.

Kasmeer and her partner Avneesh Sehgal pleaded guilty to the charges. Seghal’s trial is scheduled for next week and he will be sentenced next month.

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