FDC “Torn” Ahead of Universities Guild Elections

After a bitter campaign and closely fought presidential election last November between Gen Mugisha Muntu and Patrick Amuriat, FDC finds itself locked in other bitter battles with in their universities party chapters.

The ideological catastrophe mars Uganda’s largest opposition party and splint universities’ party chapter camps. The infightings continue to rock the party ahead of universities’ guild elections.

At Makerere University Business School –Mubs, Mr Ahabwe Tonny the FDC Chapter president who doubles as the party flag bearer in the Mubs guild race decries the crisis saying the infightings at national leadership has continued to severely affect the party at University levels.

He says that after the party primary elections, individualism and infightings emerged and caused the party to splint which he says is going to cost them the guild seat.

“Individualism, betrayal and self centeredness eat up the party. It is too much here, there is less love for the party because many now front their personal benefits rather than party benefits. This is going to cost us yet FDC needs victory at such levels,” he said.

Ahabwe added that, for many months, they have been seeking for help like a party reconciliation meeting from national leadership but all in vain.

“If they keep looking at such things as small, our party will always log behind because these are the roots, they keep watering and pruning at the top, yet we are rotting down the roots,” Ahabwe added.

For Makerere University FDC chapter, it is the politics of creating personality cults, of intrigue, betrayal, and mistrust .The race for choosing a flag bearer for the Chapter in the forthcoming Guild Race has left the divide even wider.

It is alleged the on Friday 9, February, 2018, FDC members at Makerere organized a secret meeting at the University’s guest house and elected the new executive minus other delegates including Ainebyona Ronald, the former party Chapter president.

Others who missed the meeting include senior party member, Kahiigi Edmond, a man that has been incarcerated uncountable times for his party.

Kahiigi allege that the party constitution was violated and he is yet to communicate his next move. This has created a dilemma in the party chapter as it continues to splint and majority has decided to pursue their political careers elsewhere.

Speaking to Mulindwa Walid, the National Mobilisation for FDC youth league, he trashed the allegations that the party is splint and called all members to remain calm and build the party.

“The party is not splint as escalated in the media, but we all know campaigns are emotional. Let those who complain about the voting process write to the [FDC] youth league, we shall handle if they are not contented,” Mulindwa said.

Mulindwa said that they are going to organize party reconciliation meetings in different universities to reunite party members.

“We already had a party meeting in Kyambogo [University] and am aware at Makerere there is  to organize a meeting to see everything solved,” Mulindwa added.

However, some members in FDC Makerere chapter vowed to block the said meeting yet the party is yet to decide on their flag bearer in the upcoming guild election.

However, for Ahabwe it seems to be already late because the guild elections for the Nakawa based University is be conducted in few coming weeks and according to him, if the party does not intervene, he sees no miracles for his party to win.

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