Facts you should all take serious about covid-19

I wish all my country mates and continent mates get to know how serious this Covid-19 pandemic is
This is the time when we need to look back to our Lord and ask for Intervention
This is the time we should look back at our leaders no matter our political differences
This is the time you our leaders should also not run away from your people do all you can to make sure they are safe because if they die you wont rule the stones and trees
I understand forces of supply and demand are acting but again that doesn’t mean business people should take advantage of this situation because trust me you won’t gain anything after all that’s if you understand simple economics
The truth is the Corona virus is not a one day thing or a month thing

To the public: you should listen to the government and ministry of health always remember to wash your hands with shop and avoid unnecessary movements. The government should intervene on prices of basic needs for people and also use it’s powers through the central bank to allow commercial banks give the people low interest loans.

To the government: We appreciate your efforts but question is are you doing it to your best? We should prepare Incase of a disaster. How shall we recover is a question? With the limited medical facilities we have. Limited hospitals. The government should prepare some of the closed schools to set up temperary medical care centers now that a covid-19 case with no travel history has been confirmed. Note A case with no travel history is a horror that means that they are many more cases now and maybe the virus is spreading at a faster rate.

To the politicians: Both proposers and opposers of the government instead of just shouting for us and killing us with social media posts you should sensitize your people also provide them with financial supports where need is
We should be our neighbors keeper and keep safe

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