EPC halts discriminatory recruitment by Serena suites, Hotel

Following a job advert in the New Vision newspaper yesterday (Monday), where Serena suites and hotel in Mutundwe is seeking to recruit a hotel and restaurant managers who should be a “White” and an “Indian” respectively

The advertised job opportunities not created furious online discussions among Ugandans but corridor talks as well.

Equal Opportunities Commission – EPC a body  mandated  to eliminate, discrimination and remove all inequalities against any individual or a group has blasted the Hotel Management for discriminatory conducts on basis of race, color and ethnic origin as to the country’s constitution.

According to a statement issued by the Secretary to the Commission Mr Mujuni Mpitsi Pac Lawrence, the commissions has started to investigate the matter and the Mutundwe based Hotel is ordered to explain to why they seek to recruit as advertised.

“You’re hereby directed to make ordered to make a written explanation as to why your hotel seeks to recruit for the above mentioned positions taking into account the prospective applicants’ race and/or origin. The written must reach the commission offices by close of business on Thursday 15th February, 2018,” reads in parts the commission’s letter.

The commission also directed the Serena Management to halt recruitment process positions for the two positions until pending infestations into the discriminatory matter.

A section of the public has angrily criticised the Hotel Management for not allowing a chance to Ugandans to take up the positions despite them having the jobs requirements except said the white colors to run the hotel.

However, the Hotel Management is yet to comment on the matter that has raised public anger given the unemployment status in the country.


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