Electoral Commission on the National Voters’ Register

As per Article 61 (1)(e) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (as revised), and Sections 18 and 19 of the Electoral Commission Act (Cap 140), the Electoral Commission will lead a General Update of the National Voters’ Register, in anticipation of the 2020-2021 General Elections.

The General Update of the National Voters’ Register will be led at update stations. For instance, as will be pitched for every ward all through Uganda, from Thursday 21st November 2019 to Wednesday eleventh December 2019. Also, beginning from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, on every one of the delegated dates, including ends of the week.

People, in general, are asked to painstakingly take note of the accompanying exercises. In addition, these will be attempted during this General Update work out:

a) Registration of Citizens who are qualified to vote

I) During the General Update work out, the Electoral Commission will enroll qualified Ugandan residents of 18 years or more. For instance, those not yet enlisted as voters.

ii) The update exercise will be a self-revealing activity wherein an individual expecting to enlist as a voter will turn up face to face at an updated focus so as to give his/her own subtleties, photo, mark, and fingerprints.

iii) A qualified individual who wishes to enroll as a voter will have the option to do as such at any of the update focuses countrywide where an enlistment pack will be positioned.

iv) An individual who is as of now enlisted as a voter anyplace in Uganda must not enroll once more.

b) Application for Transfer of Voting Location

I) During the update work out, enlisted voters appearing to move to new casting ballot areas will have the option to apply for such move.

ii) A voter who wishes to move to another democratic area must present affirmation that he/she begins from or is, at the hour of use for the move, an inhabitant of the Parish of that (new) casting a ballot area. Such candidates ought to guarantee they have subtleties of their past casting a ballot area.

iii) An individual who wishes to apply for the move of their democratic area is allowed to introduce oneself at any of the updates focuses where an enrollment pack will be positioned.

c) Confirmation of Registration Particulars

I) The update exercise will likewise empower enrolled voters to check and affirm whether their points of interest are on the Register at casting ballot areas which they demonstrated during enlistment.

ii) The activity will additionally empower enlisted voters to affirm the precision of their specifics on the Voters Register. In addition, and right any error(s) that might be distinguished in their points of interest on the Register.

iii) To encourage this affirmation, the Commission will show at each update station, the Register of each surveying station inside the individual Parish/Ward.

iv) For the reason for clearness, voters may just make important remedies with respect to spelling slip-ups. Also, sex and a jumble of photo, all things considered.

v) Registered voters won’t have the option to make changes to their age/date of birth, or incorporate (new) extra names.

d) Update of Learners’ Information for Purposes of Voting

I) During this activity, the subtleties of students who were enlisted under the Learners Project in 2017. Also, and have since achieved the age of 18 years will be refreshed and doled out a surveying station inside their area of home or source.

ii) Accordingly, such qualified students must not enroll anew yet are encouraged to introduce themselves at the update focus with their National Identification Number (NIN) so as to determine their favored surveying stations for motivations behind casting a ballot.

e) Update of Registers of Special Interest Groups

During this activity, the Electoral Commission will likewise assemble and refresh coming up next Voters’ Registers

I) The National Youths Voters’ Register for the appointment of Youth Councils and Committees;

ii) The Workers’ Voters’ Register for the appointment of Representatives to Parliament;

iii) The National PWDs Voters’ Register for the appointment of PWD Councils and Committees;

iv) The National Older Persons Voters’ Register for the appointment of Older Persons Councils and Committees.


f) Cut-off Date for Registration of Voters and Application for Transfer of Voting Location

The Electoral Commission has designated Wednesday eleventh December 2019, as the cut-off date for enrollment of voters in Uganda.

Enlistment and move of voters starting with one surveying station then onto the next inside Uganda won’t be led after this date.

In conclusion, the Electoral Commission bids to all partners in the discretionary procedure to help the General Update practice through energetic investment, and as per the rules which have been given for this activity.

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