Eddy Kenzo calls on fans to stop division-ism in the music industry.

There is no hiding the fact that celebrated musicians Eddy Kenzo and Bebe Cool can’t see eye to eye for various reasons ranging from music to business and this hostility between the two big wigs boils down to their fan bases with each camp referring to the other as the irrelevant and inferior one.

Shortly after news broke on the internet that Musician Eddy Kenzo had won the prestigious Nickelodeon Award, many of the Eddy kenzo diehards jumped on Bebe Cool case and started throwing all sorts of insults at him repeatedly mocking the Gagamel chief on how he tries so hard to win international awards but all in vain yet he keeps on downgrading Kenzo who wins award after award internationally.

On realizing how his fans where escalating the situation for the worse, the Big Talent Entertainment boss came out strongly and warned them to stop mocking Bebe Cool or else they would  get blocked by him.

And now in a bid to bury the hatchet between him and Bebecool, “Eddy kenzo has called on his fans to promote unity rather than hate in the music industry.’’ Let’s be united guys!!!

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