Drama as Kyambogo Guild President suspends guild executive

The Kyambogo Guild President Tundulu Jonathan has today suspended the Guild Executive over failure to write their respective accountability reports.

However, this comes after the cabinet ministers mobilized for a vote of no confidence against Mr. Tundulu.

In the letter dated 26th September 2019, the cabinet ministers accused Tundulu of fostering an atmosphere of hostility. In addition, retaliation, and unethical behavior.

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Kyambogo University Guild president Tundulu given 7 days to resign

Therefore Tundulu says the guild constitution article 8, clause 8, A, (s) mandates him to present to the Vice-Chancellor through the Dean of Students quarterly reports on matters affecting students’ welfare of which these reports have to be achieved through the accountability reports from the guild ministers.

“However, in regards to students’ needs in terms of academics and welfare. The guild ministers have deliberately failed to write their respective accountability reports. In other words, these comprise of the demands of the students’ community, failing the fulfillment of article 8, clause 8, A (s).” He wrote.

“In reference to article 8, clause 8, A, (i), I, therefore, inform the university management of the suspension of the entire guild executive until they provide the accountability reports from their respective ministries to inclusive leadership2019@gmail.com not later than Monday 30/09/2019”. Tundulu added.

The Vice-Chancellor Prof Eli Katunguka warned during the admissions ceremony about the pending bloody Monday strike. In addition, the management will do whatever it takes to stop it. Also, the 6 weeks policy will not stop. This is because it is a council directive and the university needs money to operate.

Kyambogo Guild President Tundulu was given 7 days to resign.

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