Court has remanded a woman for forcefully feeding her 13-year-old step-daughter with menstrual blood.

Unemployed youth
Ms Namatta a resident of Kitega Village, Mukono district pleaded guilty in court.This is because she fed her daughter with food mixed with  menstrual blood on Tuesday, September.

Namatta was arrested after her husband Yunus Lukungu accused her of feeding his daughter Agnes Naava with contaminated food.

The Grade One Magistrate Patience Koburunga read to Namatta. “It is stated that on June 6, Namatta is accused of putting her menstrual blood her step-daughter Agnes Naava’s food. She did it knowing it could cause disease according to Section 171 of the penal code.” The accused on August 7, denied the charges against her but pleaded guilty in court. This is when the prosecutor Ms. Irene Namboozo produced witnesses when she raised her hand and confirmed the charges true.
She then went further to explain to the court the various events when she contaminated the food for Naava.
“It all started because my husband stopped me from punishing his child whenever she had to go wrong. On that day she played with the neighbors till 10 pm and when she came back home I caned her twice.” Said Namatta. “Naava reported me to her father that I had caned her. My husband then beat me badly in front of the children and yet at the time I was three months pregnant.” She said “I started bleeding, out of anger I mixed some of the blood with the food after my husband had left,” she added. Without wastage of time Ms Namatta pleaded guilty to the charges asking to enter the plea bargaining court procedure. She also asked for a lenient sentence considering the fact that she is a mother and that she is still bleeding as a result of her husband’s beatings. However, H/W Koburunga adjourned the matter to September 26, for conviction.

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