Chaka Chaka: I am coming back to Uganda


South African artist Mhinga Ntobezedwa Machaka Yvonne, usually known as Chaka has compromised she will b back to Uganda to perform, simultaneously disproving cases she was expelled by specialists.

The vocalist was yesterday as indicated by the Uganda Police accompanied out of the nation after it was discovered she was in Uganda to perform at an occasion in Lubiri, regardless of holding a traveler’s visa which banishes her from inclusion in lucrative endeavors.

Nonetheless, the vocalist discredited the cases, through a video on her internet based life guaranteeing she settled on her decision not to perform at the occasion in light of the fact that nobody had ‘at first caused me to comprehend what was going on’.

Chaka Chaka

She stated nobody had expelled or captured her.

In further clarification, Chaka claims anything that is being accounted for with respect to her expelling is phony news.

“No they simply put you on the plane, so not you know,” the artist includes with pictorial proof of a Rwanda Airline ticket.

Chaka took steps to make an arrival to the nation to perform.

“I can guarantee you. I will return to Uganda and perform. This is my homeland,” she said.

Chaka turned into the main worldwide performer to embrace People Power organizer Bobi Wine. On her latest visit to Uganda, she adulated Bobi Wine and alluded to him as “the new Mandela”

Conceived in 1965, she was the main dark kid to show up on South African Television as an entertainer in 1981.

From that point forward she has been at the front line of South African music for her tunes like Umqoombothi (African brew) which is famous from South to Eastern Africa.

On account of her prominence and melodic effect in the hours of South Africa’s freedom battle, she was given the title the “Princess of Africa”.

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