Chairperson kyambogo university EC in danger

The chairperson Kyambogo university Electrol commission, Wabwire Shabil Ojambo has decried to the unversity Tribunal over death threats.

In his response to Atto sebbi Juma in a petition, Ojambo seeked the Tribunal to provide security to him.

“I would like to put it to the attention of the Tribunal that my life is in danger and seek the Tribunal to defend me in every way possible,” Ojambo said.

The chairparson further added that he was ambushed on Sunday 17th March 2019 by a gang of people who allege attachment to the petitioners who forced him to testify under what he called extrajudicial circumstances under pressure and with life threats.

However, as a respondent to the petition in which Atto is accusing the university of failing to conduct free and fair elections in which Jonathan was declared the winner, ojamba noted that the elections were conducted and concluded under his supervision.

“I was ambushed with no list of evidence and no sufficient time to prepare to defend myself or the KYU Electoral Commission.

In one of the responses, the EC notes that there areas where thing moved wrongly but he went a head to defend to why there was such.

“Kyambogo Electoral Commission agrees that the voting started at 10:30am as started in the petition,” he said.

Ojambo added that the reason for the delay was that they had one distributing vehicle which was working at a low speed as per Electoral Regulation (2019/2020) that required cars to move at 5km/hr for safety of the students and other Kyambogo University stakeholders.

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