Canary Mugume and AIGP Asan Kasingye clash

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The Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Asan Kasingye said he felt belittled by NBS TV correspondent Canary Mugume after he got him out for not carrying out his responsibility in the police power.

During the fight between People Power supporters and Police on Monday at Kasagati in Kampala, Canary Mugume challenged Asan Kasigye to acquire rational soundness the Police power. Canary said the cops were acting amateurish.

“You also hold the third greatest position in Police. (AIGP), we need to know whether you can utilize that position to change others beneath you, to put stock in mankind by and by,” he tweeted.

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Canary Mugume

“When he was deamening me, the police Spokesperson was having a question and answer session in our Board room. In addition and NBS TV was completely in Attendance. I didn’t have the right to be disparaged in any capacity by any NBS TV Reporter or Journalist. However, over an issue he could demand his associates to ask the Police Spokesperson,” Asan Kasigye tweeted.

Canary Mugume later apologized saying he didn’t intend to discolor his name.

“Expressions of remorse Asan, you are my companion and I didn’t intend to disparage you as you put it. Harmony,” he answered to Asan Kasigye’s tweet.

This turned out poorly with the regarded cop who exhorted Canary to accord him some regard.

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