Business Cards – Why you should ditch them and do this instead

Business Cards

Are business cards even worth using in Business anymore?

We have completely ditched out the use of business cards in our businesses because they are a total waste of money and time.  We have found business cards only make you look big and important… They have not stirred up any business at all.

This is why business cards suck in business.

Let’s go back to the times when we printed lots of business cards and handed them to people we thought valued our business… hihihi Did even these people call back right away and said: “Hey We want to do business with you”! I guess you remember that day or those days? Hmmm me either hihihi.

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However, Are business cards completely Useless?

Business Cards

Well, absolutely the answer is a big no!

At times we put old cards to good use right hehehe… Let’s look at a scenario, maybe we placed them over our luggage just in case it goes missing at the airport or bus park one day.


We stopped using business cards at different networking events a long time ago. Hope you too stopped that or you are still using them hmmm…

However, to our notice, most people just hand out their business cards to anyone who is willing to take them… Shame on you if you are doing that.

To our surprise, they figure out them (business cards) will be out there somewhere in the world circulating helping to build their brands… But look here Times have changed and there are a million ways to connect with your prospects in the business. In addition, then with business cards which most likely end up in someone’s trash can… Honestly speaking many people use these cards as a way to make them look very important.

However, it’s not you reading this blog post

Let’s do away with the hell of printing business cards and do this instead……. We won’t regret any more in our businesses.

This method works for smart entrepreneurs or network marketers and digital marketers. In addition who wants to keep in touch with their prospects in their businesses hence growing their businesses to higher levels?

The best way to this is by use of your Mobile phone… Yes, we just mentioned a Mobile phone.

Business Cards

Business cards have no place in your current networking efforts because they are a relic of a bygone era…

Therefore this is how you will use your mobile phone to replace the ache of printing lumpsum amounts of business cards…

  • Get to the Contacts section of your phone
  • Secondly, add yourself as contact the same way you add someone else’s
  • Also, add your full names, phone email address and a blog in the contact details section
  • Finally, you can add all the social media platforms you so much active on.

This method will work whenever someone asks you for your business cards… Simply pull out your phone and say, ‘ I don’t do business cards anymore, however, why don’t I take your number. In addition, I will share my contact details too with you so that you can save it in your mobile phone either.

Therefore these are the strong reasons why this idea is so brilliant from Using Business cards

  • These people will not lose your phone contact so easily
  • Any time you text them, they will be well versed by who is texting them
  • Most of the time when you do this you will find the ball is in the court of the persons most likely to follow up: YOU…

Gone are the days when we had to remind someone for about 10-20 minutes about what you are in thousands of people at an event.

Use your blog to bring yourself business instead of the trashy Business cards.

We have been 100% able to increase interest from people we have met at network marketing events even before we contact them. In addition just by putting our blog address in our contact records.

Business Cards

When these people save the contact record on their phones, they are likely going to check out our blog and eventually see what we do. Also, they will see what our business is all about. Blogs are a major piece for you, us and our business growth. But still, we are not talking about your company website, we are talking about your personally branded blog and website… Think about it.

How about if you don’t have a blog or website?

If you are an entrepreneur and a network marketer and you don’t have a website, then your personal brand is the key piece to your success. This is because you are losing out on potential business or teammates if you are not set up as an authority in the Industry… Above all, a blog or website branded to you will allow you to UP your game significantly. If at all you don’t have a blog or website, simply call me on +256775427530 OR +256701085038 OR visit for more information.

In conclusion, Business cards have no place left in your current networking efforts or in your digital marketing efforts. In addition, they are a relic of a bygone era that did not rely so much heavily on technology.

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Am Dhikusooka Brian a web app developer and an SEO Specialist at Interlet Limited. I am a writer at Cyclone Times Uganda and I love doing research so much. CONTACT ME ON +256701085038 OR +256775427530

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