Big Eye Starboss hits back at Bebe Cool’s critics

Big Eye Starboss

Through his message on social media, Big Eye Starboss wrote:

I think papa (Bebe Cool) even you those hooligans have pelted bottles at you. Is this because you don’t have music?. I really felt so bad when you made that statement about me when they pelt bottles at me. In addition, but I couldn’t express my anger because I respect you as my elder.

It was really a very disappointing and selfish statement to the situation I faced. I ( Big Eye Starboss ) was expecting a sorry message from you at that time or to condemn the act. You didn’t think of where the situation was leading me to.

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Right now my source of income totally got spoilt whereby I am even about to sell my property to pay debts and to clear bills. With all due respect its not always good to brag on people’s hard situations as jokes. For me, I say sorry about that papa.

Big Eye Starboss

Why do people or revelers pelt bottles at artists like Big Eye Starboss?

From our point of view, people started pelting bottles at a big size Bebe cool at one of the concerts. However, after this, the act was named political since Bebe Cool had his differences with Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine. A lot of the people condemned this act of pelting bottles while others were using it to show their dissatisfaction with the ruling government. In addition, they were saying we pelt bottles to the artists who betray us by singing for the “dictator”.

Artists, for example, Catherine Kusasira, Full Figure, Big Eye Starboss have all faced the same act of getting frustrated on stage. However, according to reports, Bebe Cool hired some hooligans to pelt bottles at him while performing at the Boom Party Concert yesterday at Cricket Oval. In addition to causing negativity to people’s power party hence him getting media attention.

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