Besigye urges son to return and join ‘liberation’ struggle

Dr Kizza Besigye with his Family
The former presidential candidate and  Forum for Democratic Change – FDC  president, Dr Kizza Besigye has called his son to return and join him  in the struggle for  liberating  Uganda.
Besigye who was in the US called on Ampa Adam to return home for the “liberation struggle” after completing  his education from San Francisco, United States of America.

“Having completed his education, I urged him return and join the struggle,”  Besigye twitted.
For many years  a section of the public has always  criticised  Besigye  for  involving   youth in the what he terms as peoples’ liberation struggle but not anyone among his family members.
Besigye the ‘Tubalemese‘ proponent went silent after FDC presidential  elections after some  party members accused him of  individualism and dominating  the party.
He has been in the “liberation” struggles for almost 19 years.

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