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We hugged, the moment he saw me. It was a long passionate hug. Mama Theresa blind folded Richard, saying he was too young to see us hugging for that long. He then tried kissing me on the lips, but I turned away. This was now the kind of life I was not used too. Before travelling back, I had asked what would be the first thing he would do when we met…” ill kiss those sweet lips of yours” he had said and I really wished he had succeeded, but I respected all the people around us at the airport.

He held my hand as firmly as walked to the car, and held it further throughout the journey. He was the perfect guy for me, and couldn’t believe he was finally here with me. ‘Mama, you can’t imagine someone connected me to work at Mulago and part time at Kyambogo Medical centre too, “he said, with a lot of happiness.” A PHD can doom it all, dear Dr. Daniel”, Mama Theresa replied and we all laughed out loud. Daniel didn’t wait for so long for us to begin with the wedding preparations, since I had no parents (remember am an orphan). However, I was scared, we were rushing too fast.

I begged him that we take some six month before marriage but he refused and jokingly accused me of may be seeing someone else. I chose Ann as my maid of honour and we walked down the Aisle at Pastor Sserwadda’s church in Ndeba, “Victory church” however much we were not members there but it was Mama Theresa’s wish since she claimed she loved the church and the pastor too. She gave us a free house too in Namugogo, which had each and everything.

I was scared that Daniel may become red if he realised that I was not a virgin… I didn’t know how I would bring myself to explain to him what had happened but the night passed like roses among the stars. He never seemed to realise anything. He made love to me like the way a man would make love to his beautiful virgin bride.

We were happily married, and nothing was lucking. Mama Theresa begged me to try so much to make sure that Dan let’s go of his drinking habits for the first three month, he wasn’t drinking then he started drinking in the fourth month. When I asked him why, he told me he was almost losing hope of us ever getting a child. Now this is something I never wished to think about.

Perhaps, the baby I had thrown away had poured curses all over my head, but I still had hope. At 5 times, I felt like opening up to my husband, telling him all that had happened to me, but the thought of losing him after would scare me stiff. Months turned to years, one, two, three, four, five years, still no baby.

I engaged my husband in prayers, sometimes, Mama Theresa would join us in prayer but all in vain. But Daniel remained a good husband to me. He still made surprises for me, and took me out on dates.

He never stopped telling me of how he loved me every day. Six, seven, eight, nine, years, no baby. Perhaps, God was punishing me for having had abandoned the innocent soul, all alone, under a mango tree… I thought of finally opening up… my hubby was in a shower and his phone was on the table.

Texts started coming in one by one…for all the nine years I had spent in this marriage, I had never thought of checking through my hubby’s phone… texts continued coming, and then a call, two calls, I stares at the call..same person calling…saved as Lil angel…this forced me to open the messages…the first one I saw made me stare open mouthed. “are you coming, please love, just tell your wife there is work today, I really need some antenatal care.” so, Daniel had a pregnant girlfriend.

He found me holding his phone… “what…Lynn…Hun please” he got the phone from me and looked through the messages, tears, one by one started gushing down my face. “Hun, no, please, no, don’t cry…” he told me, putting his arms around me. “Who is she? Where did u meet her? How long have u guys been together?” I asked, trying to be as calm as possible.

“Hun, am going to answer all your questions please….first stop crying. I was now losing my patience, I got up and he pulled me back down. “See, I met her at Kyambogo,” I raised my eyes and looked at him” a student?” I asked. “Yes… but Hun look, she was always in and out of the medical center, and one time, I just couldn’t control myself, I made love to her and she is now pregnant.

” I got up and clapped my hands. “wow, wow, wow, congz, Mr.” I moved out of the house and left for Annz place… this was how crazy and hurting life had turned to, this was how hurtles the world could be, and why would I blame my husband? He had finally got a child, and what else would I do, apart from being happy for him

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