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Mama Theresa advised me to take heart in all my trying moments. That they were just here for a moment and soon, they would be no more. she told me what mattered was that my husband still loved me, and that he had never left me alone at any one moment.

She also told me to advise my husband to go on and take care of the woman carrying my husbands’ child. This was so hard for me, but I did it for the woman whom had made me what I was at this moment, and for the man that had stood behind me for all the time even in his absence while still in the United States.

“Would love to meet that lady someday, if u don’t mind” I told my husband and yes, he organised a date for just the three of us, I asked the lady how old she was, and she told me she was soon making twenty. and now me, I was almost making 38.

She looked pretty and adorable, but there was one thing that portrayed her towards me in a different manner. Her eyes. her eyes were very sharp whenever she stole a glance at me, just like papa’s eyes, and when she smiled, I saw papa’s likeness within her. ” who are your parents? ” I asked.. she took a sip of her juice and then looked at my husband, her boyfriend. ” she doesn’t know her real parents.

She was adopted “my husband responded ohhhh!” but hope those people are good to you, right?” ‘sure’ she replied shyly. ” and wats your name again?” I asked. “Melissa”.

I allowed my husband to drive her home as I boarded a taxi back home too. on my way back, I felt a sense on uneasiness. This Melissa girl, who had slept with my husband, who was she, why was she adopted? when my husband returned later, I asked him to let me meet up with Melissa again, just the two of us and he accepted. he didn’t ask me why but he trusted me. guess even if I made plans to kill, he wouldn’t mind…lol..

Melissa and I met on a Saturday evening at her hostel Erima in Banda. she served me a cup of coffee which I greatly appreciated. “so, Melissa, do u really love my husband?” she didn’t respond. “be free with me dear, am not here to hurt u, I just want to know.” “yes I do” I nodded my head slightly, while closely looking at her.

‘Would you mind if I meet your parents, I mean, your guardians one day? they need to know about your situation, and the fact that me, as the first wife to Daniel I’m willing to let u have him too. coz I guess they will be disappointed if thy find out you were impregnated by a married man” I convinced her.

She told me we would visit them the coming weekend. my conscience was directing me somewhere…I wanted to know about this girl, so much, I forgot the fact that she was carrying my husband’s baby, and focused on knowing about her… I found Dan home already. he asked me how everything had moved on, and I told him well very early

The next morning, I felt a sudden upset in ma tammy that made me to puke. Dan asked me whether I was unwell but told him I was very okay. My daily life changed in that new week, as I puked almost everyday, until I told Dan that we should go see the doctor.

The news that came out of the results came like a rocking stone towards us. before I knew it, Daniel had swept me off my feet and kissed me all-over my face. I was pregnant. finally, my prayers had been answered. couldn’t wait to tell the news to aunt Theresa. yes, I was finally pregnant.

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