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Tears started gushing down my chin. I was crying, not because of the pain I was feeling, but because I missed my dad, my little sister Lilly, my home,, and may be, I missed mama’s love. the fat lady got hold of me and encouraged me to take heart, that all would be well.

she asked me whether I minded if she employs me at her place, as a maid, and I quickly accepted. I would finally get a home to stay in, food to eat, and work to do. I didn’t mind at all.

Perhaps,I would forget the life behind me, perhaps, I would forget the baby I never wished to raise, and this was my new life, a new life I would live and love, a new life I would use as a stepping stone to forget my past and build a better future.

Time flew as first as it could. I had now worked for mama Theresa( I learnt her name after she had finally taken me on to her place) for three years. she treated me as her own daughter.

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She told me she never got a chance to have a baby girl so she was glad having me around. we stayed along Entebbe road. mama Theresa told me she has two sons, one called Daniel and another one Richard.

Dan had traveled off to the United States for his scholarship which required him to take on a PHD. she talked a lot about Daniel, seems he was her favorite. ” actually, the night I ran u over, I was from bidding him farewell at the airport and I later went to check on his aunt in Mityana who just gave birth.” she had told me.

I had asked her for how long he would be there and she told me for only 5 years. Richard, on the other hand was still at Makerere persuing his bachelor,s degree in Engineering.

“The only problem with Daniel is that he likes drinking so much, and he never spends time with us, he always spends time alone…and Richard is so much of a church boy” I just used to smile whenever she told me stories about her two sons and wished to meet Daniel one day, since I saw Richard much more frequently.

I had grown into a very healthy beautiful woman, just 21. sometimes I could sink down in thoughts about what my people out there had in life, how far I would be, if at all I had them around me. And I guessed my baby girl, if at all God had helped her had been raised now, into a cute being.

I washed away the beautiful Saturday afternoon, on the eve of the new year, mama Theresa told me she would not be coming home since night prayers at Namboole stadium were waiting for her. she told me to stay home, if I wished, or go anywhere of my choice.

I thought of paying a visit to Enock and Ann. Enock was surprised to see me. He told me his sister had just completed campus a few month ago.However, he questioned me so much on why I had left, whether I had got married, whether I had gone back to school and where the baby was.

‘ Ann will be here soon, cant just wait to see her expression when she sets her eyes on you…its my new year surprise for her” ‘ why haven’t u married yet?” I asked him in a joking way.

He turned and looked at me straight in the face.’You left me at a time when I needed you most, Lynn. When I thought I was falling in love with you. The day u left, Ann and I had planned to surprise u with a party congratulating you upon receiving the baby, and that was the same opportunity I would have used to open up to u about my feelings.”

I was silent for some few minutes, and then he spoke again. “you left us in pain, we tried looking for you, and Ann thought you had gone back home. so together we went there.

Your dad was happy to see Ann, he told us he had spent a full year looking for you, that his life was never the same again when you left, and your little sister, she begged us so badly to bring you back home.

Whad no slight idea as to where you were” ” what about mama?” ….”ahhhh…your mama had a new born baby, so she didn’t tell us much. she just told us you were better off wherever you were.

“Later on, Ann came and joined us. I watched tears flow out of her eyes, and she asked me about the baby, to which I told her the baby was somewhere happy.

Later on, when I got back home, I couldn’t stop thinking of the small friendly reunion we had … and I was surprised that even Angels could fall in love. However, Enock was not the kind of guy I would fall in love with because I was really taller than him,,, and love wasnt my thing now.

I got back home and found mama Theresa, Richard and other family members preparing them selves for the new year celebrations. it was finally here. mama theresa called for me in her room later on.

For the first time, I was scared. Perhaps, she was going to tell me to now leave her place… I walked in,tentatively, ‘come, come see what Dan says about you.” I got closer to where she was and she made me sit on her bed. she showed me a long watsapp conversation between Dan and her.

” He is asking me to take u back to school…and that he strongly wants to get in touch with u, so I just left him your number” the way she laughed and smiled was like as if she had prayed for this to happen… her son was claiming he was in love with me. well, I got in touch with him.

he told me I should take on any course I wanted to do at the university since I had my senior six result slip and that he was meant to come back in two years time but he had been pushed on for more five years. day by day, I begun falling in love with Daniel.

He was a slightly tall chocolate guy with a gap in his teeth. I kept on yearning to see him come home day by day. I chose law as my course, and I joined UCU early that year.

Richard graduated and he got a job at an Indian company in Masaka. Mama Theresa made sure she checked on me every weekend at my hostel,”to make sure I didn’t have any men disturbing me” as she joked always.

Being near Kampala reunited me with my best friend Ann. she always tod me to go home and at-least say hi to my dad but I failed to get the courage to. After four years, I completed my law course. I was on a count down for Dan to soon come home. I enjoyed the long distance love that existed between me and him .

I went through several temptations, but managed them all. Mama Theresa helped me start up a law firm and by the year in which Daniel was to return, I was successful in my career. I was just 28, successful and independent. soon enough, I would have a husband, a family,and a beautiful life.

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