Thoughts of leaving my baby under that tree engraved my heart. I walked, with a bleeding heart all over me…I didn’t know where to go, neither to whom to turn to.

Didn’t realize that I didn’t look left or right as I was crossing the road, a car ran into me.
I awoke in a hospital after what seemed like a lifetime. A fat lady was sitting beside me. I didn’t know who she was. she had a small head that really didn’t match her body.

It was more of a babyface than an adult face. the moment I awoke, she rushed and called for the doctor who came in immediately.

I stared at them, speechless. and before I asked, I remembered I was hit by a car. ” what is your name, young lady?” the doctor asked me. “I’m Lynn” I replied, ” how long have I been here and which place is this?” I asked with concern. “am sorry Lynn, I ran into you I mean, my car ran into u three nights away” the fat lady said. ” this is God’s Mercy Clinic.

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Beautiful Venge Episode 1

Beautiful Venge Episode 2

We were thinking of transforming u to Mulago if u didn’t gain your composure by now. who are your parents?” the do tor asked.

I knew my parents…but at this juncture, I didn’t have any… ‘ am an orphan” I lied. the fat lady seemed surprised by the look on her face. the doctor noted down something and then later left to bring me some medication. I’m so sorry dearie’ the fat lady told me. ‘was I hurt?’ I asked. ” yes, yes, on your head and right arm.

I touched my head and a bandage was tied around it but hadn’t felt it yet. ”  was hungry…was trying to find something to eat… don’t know what happened next,” I said, nearing to tears. I wanted to buy this lady’s mercy. ” oh dear! how old are u and when did u start living along these streets?” ” a few months ago after my form six.

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My parents died and only remained with an aunty who ill-treated.” oh God! the lies I was telling were getting too much. I thought about my papa. he was alive somewhere. maybe he had looked for me but in vain… perhaps he had now given up on me… tears started gushing………

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