BEAUTIFUL VENGE Episode 2 by lynn lynn

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I collected myself up together before daylight as I was all soaked in blood. Couldn’t bear people seeing me in such a state. I aimed at only heading at my friend’s home. By six sharp in the morning, I was there and like a thief hid behind their lavatory until her parents drove away for work. Her mouth fell agape when her eyes first fell on me. For once, she seemed not to believe that I was the person standing before her. “Lynn!” what happened?” instead of narrating to her what had happened, I cried.

I cried so bitterly that I wished my papa was right here beside me. she led me off to the bathroom where I had a sorrowful shower and later rested for as long as I couldn’t tell. I awoke, feeling kind of freshened and could manage a smile.

“Tell me, what happened” Ann asked me again. Could read it from her eyes that she was scared. ” I left home last night…because mama, I mean Lillian’s mom wants to marry me off.” “What!!!!!!!! why would she? and why call her Lillian’s mom? she is your mom too.” ” No, she ain’t my mama.

I learnt it that same night…so I left…and I was raped” Ann hugged me and we cried in each other’s arms for what seemed like a lifetime. ” So, what next? we have to go to the medical center.

How sure are you the guy who raped you ain’t infected?” Ann asked me, all concern lined across her. “my dear, I don’t care about life now. Mama has always showed it to me that giving birth to me was the worst mistake one could ever do. I tried being good, tried being that sweet big sister to my little lily, tried being the good daughter she wanted me to be, but she never saw all this.

I don’t know what will happen next, but am just ready for anything”. She prepared something and we ate in silence. she seemed to be figuring out a solution for me…” You can’t be here Lynn, but I have an idea. My brother stays in Muyenga. I could take you and you stay there as we look for other means to keep you safe.”
Later that day, we boarded off to Muyenga to meet Ann’s brother.

He was a short and stout guy and acted funny the moment he saw us.” so, why run away from home? East or west, home will always be the best for you…as for me, I have no problem keeping you here as long as you promise to be good.” He said, with a smiling face. Ann, hadn’t told her about my being raped.

I stayed at Enoch’s place the days that followed. To my advantage, he could leave very early in the morning and come back late night when I was asleep. After a month, I started developing endless headache and lost appetite for almost all kinds of food. But this didn’t surprise me because I had missed my periods too for that month…

When Ann checked on me that weekend, we talked about the baby growing inside me. She told me if I didn’t want to keep it, we would do anything to get rid of it but I comfortably told her I wanted to keep it. After three Months, we informed Enoch about the pregnancy to which he was surprised and blamed us for not having had told him.

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” That’s definitely why you ran away from home hahaha, you girls of nowadays…. hehe, hope you’re not pregnant too, Ann, and they say birds of the same feathers,” Ann told me not to mind him since he was an open person and could say out anything at will. “So, where is baby daddy huh? he must have denied the pregnancy. You see while falling in love, choose wisely.

We, the good guys’ vibe you but you refuse us saying you have boyfriends, such silly boyfriends who after using you without protection decide to deny now….” “Enoch!!! stop it, enough of that” Anna cut him off. we just have to take care of her. Okay…please promise me you will brother.” ” what if people think it’s my baby and she is my wife? just asking for security purposes, haha” no matter how annoying Enoch was. He was a very humorous person whom anyone would never get bored of being next too.

For the next month, he remained close to me, bared with all my mood swings, put on the table whatever my appetite craved for and cleaned every mess of mine. I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl early December that year, which baby I stayed with for a week. Every time I looked at it, it reminded me of the pain, the rape that had happened to me.

How could I continue staying with it? how would I raise it up? I made up my mind, a week before Christmas to take back the kid at the spot where I had been raped from. Then wrote a letter to both Enoch and Ann, thanking them for all the love and care, and informing them that I had finally gone to start a new life. Left at daybreak and ensuring that no one was seeing me, I left the baby under the mango tree, all tears flowing all over my chin…this was the most painful decision I had made in life… but it was the best for me, too.
Story by Lynn Lynn

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