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I was in my form 6 vacation when I learned that the woman I had grown up with wasn’t actually my mother. I always wondered why she treated me differently from Lillian, my other little sister but never got to know why. we used to live in the rich outskirts of Kamokya.

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Papa used to convince me that she treated me that way because she wanted me to act an example to my little sister. I loved papa so much that I could not doubt whatever he used to tell me. It was on the eve of my 18th birthday when I awoke during the night, I stole a glance at my wall clock. It was midnight sharp. For the first time, mama and papa were engaged in a very scary strong quarrel.

I slipped out of my beddings and headed to their door so that I could eavesdrop what exactly their problem was. ” we are just wasting a lot of money on her…let her get married Josh” mama spat. My papa was a very simple soft-spoken man. who were they talking about anyway! ” Maggie, however much Lynn ain’t your daughter, just don’t decide this for her. she is my daughter. I love her the way I love Lilly and the baby inside of you” this shocked me.
Mama! my long-time mama! she wasn’t at all my mother. Never bothered to hear what came up next. Rushed back into my room, packed what I thought belonged to me and got out of the house from the hind door. I trended on along the streets of Kamwokya, and unable to stand the pain I felt at heart.  Rested under a mango tree that stood out from the rest of the trees. I sobbed quietly. Hadn’t and had never wished for me to be a problem to anyone. I slept off only to awake when a man is on top of me. At first, I thought it was a dream but everything was so clear. He was dressed in a black mask, and a white sleeveless shirt. He undressed me, pulled off my pants and the next moments were full of struggle, pain and him greatly panting… I recognized a panther tattoo on his left arm when a vehicle passed and threw some lights towards us. This too, helped me since he hastily dressed and took off…this was not happening to me…I turned my eyes to the lord, praying that it would turn out a dream but all in vain. I had been raped, by a man I didn’t recognize…..To be continued
By Lynn Lynn

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