Bangirana ordered out of office by Court

The Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala has requested the police chief accountable for Engineering and Logistics AIGP. Godfrey Bangirana to move to one side until the fundamental case testing his illicit remain in office is discarded.

A concerned resident, Isaac Maddo hauled Bangirana to court over his proceeded to remain in office after the expiry of his term. In addition, saying it is illicit and unlawful the court needs to arrange for his get-away.

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On Monday, equity Henrietta Wolayo requested Bangirana to avoid office until the principle case is discarded. Saying that the Police chief doesn’t have a legitimate agreement of business appropriately executed at this point he keeps on filling in as AIGP.

“I, consequently, issue a transitory order controlling the subsequent respondent (Bangirana) from holding out as a serving Assistant Inspector General of Police.

Also, going about as Police Director accountable for Engineering and Logistics. This transitory directive request will stay in power until the assurance of the principal suit. Or until further requests of this court,” the Judge dominated.

In a suit where the Attorney General likewise recorded as a respondent. Maddo said Bangirana’s proceeded with remain in office is unlawful.

“They proceeded with receipt of pay and payments continuously litigant (Bangirana) while in office is unlawful. Also, wastage of government assets and the court should arrange for him to discount every one of the payments got. For instance after the expiry of his agreement,” Maddo says in his suit.

Following the expiry of Bangirana’s agreement in July 2019, the IGP, Martin Okoth Ochola requested him to hand over keys. In addition, empty office however the Internal Affairs PS requested that he remains in office until a choice by the Police committee in respects his agreement is declared.

Nonetheless, in his suit, Maddo says disappointment by the Attorney General to exhort the Permanent Secretary on his order to Bangirana was unlawful.

“The activities by the Attorney General by neglecting to exhort the Permanent Secretary and other government organs in respects the issue comprised a rupture of his obligation to government and the general population.”


“The subsequent respondent’s proceeded to remain in office is unlawful. In addition, illicit and this suit is brought to vindicate the standard of law and get the unlawful lead halted.”

In his suit, Maddo needs the court to arrange for AIGP Bangirana’s excursion of office over discounting all the compensation. Also, remittances got since the expiry of his agreement.

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