Another s3x tape of Lwasa leaks( video)


It seems like s3x tapes and Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa are synonymous. With barely a year after his nude tape which he vehemently denied last year leaking, the tycoon is at it again.

A video that has been making rounds on social media with a certain tycoon shows action packed banging going ahead. In this video, this man can be seen giving head to the woman (okukomba ebbakuli) which left netizens shocked.

Rumors started circulating how this was Lwasa with many people pointing out the pint sized manhood the man had. And despite the size, one can say that this man is a professional at what he does.

When Lwasa was contacted over this video that has paralyzed the country, he neither denied nor confirmed it. He only said that if people think its worth sharing, they are free to do it.

For matters of Google terms amd policies we couldn’t publish the video. But keep on scrolling and hunting, there is hope that you will surely land on it since it’s already out of the store.

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